Clinique Research Services, Inc. is The World’s leading Clinical Research Organization Corporate Office in Hoffman Estate, Illinois, USA.

We provide services in the areas of Project Management, Study Management, Site Management, Training and Consulting.

With our commitment to providing global level standards, experienced consultants, and industry level training, Clinique Research Services, Inc. assumes the responsibility to deliver the needs of the industry Worldwide.

We are a dynamic team of professionals, who have extensive Clinical Research experience, with cultural ties around the globe. Having knowledge of the region, we are able to select dedicated clinical investigators who have the ability to enroll eligible subjects in a timely manner. We train investigators who are experienced and qualified physicians. With our knowledge of the local and country-specific laws related to Clinical Research; Clinique Research Services, Inc. can ensure proper and timely filing of required regulatory forms with the Ministry of Health and Ethics committee to conduct Clinical trials Worldwide.

We develop long-term working relationships with our clients due to our ability to build an array of services based on client need. We help the client by reducing their workload and by cutting down the always increasing research costs.

Combining the use of the latest technologies with streamlined business operations, Clinique Research Services, Inc. provides industry entities with global standard premium services.